Why the Traditional Home Sale Process is No Longer Working

The typical home sale process is just three basic steps. 

Step 1: Place a sign in the yard

Step 2: Place it in the MLS

Step 3: Pray is sells! 

Of course I jest... a little.

How the 72SOLD Home Sale Process is Different

The 72Sold Home Sales Sequence solves the two main problems that depress home sale prices; Too many days on the market and Buyers delaying making an offer.

Also included in the 72Sold Home Sale Sequence is a proprietary 72SOLD 7-Step Showing Process that creates more showings and increases buyer urgency by using the same modern sales psychology used by Fortune 500 companies to sell products at higher prices.

The results are in, and over the past 2 1/2 years and 6,440 home sellers that have sold using the 72SOLD Home Selling Program have sold their home for up to 12% more than the average MLS sale!

This could mean an additional $72,000 more than the traditional sale!